Sprinkle Cake

From: $39.95


Available by request, and as a topper cake for a cupcake tower. This cake can be done in most of our cupcake flavours, and icing can be done in many colors. Please provide the following information when ordering:

  • Flavour
  • Icing Colour
  • Colour of Sprinkles or Sparkles

If cake flavour is indicated but icing/sprinkle colour is not, the default icing is a white buttercream with multi-coloured sprinkles, like in the photo. Please note that for some of our cake flavours (eg. Epic Cookie Dough or Chocolate), part of the flavour experience is in the icing, and a white icing will change the overall flavour. If you would prefer the standard icing that comes with a flavour, or a colour other than white, please request this.


Photo by Danielle Unger Photography

Cakes 6-Inch Round- Other Flavour (please indicate), 6-Inch Round- Vanilla, 8-Inch Round- Other Flavour (please indicate), 8-Inch Round- Vanilla