Photo by Renee Sporer Photography

Petal Cake

From: $24.95


Available by request, and as a topper cake for a cupcake tower. This cake can be done in most of our cupcake flavours, and icing can be done in many colors. Please provide the following information when ordering:

  • Flavour
  • Icing Colour

If cake flavour is indicated but icing colour is not, the default icing is a white buttercream. Please note that for some of our cake flavours (eg. Epic Cookie Dough or Chocolate), part of the flavour experience is in the icing, and a white icing will change the overall flavour. If you would prefer the standard icing that comes with a flavour, or a colour other than white, please request this.

Cakes 3-Inch Round- Other Flavour (please indicate), 3-Inch Round- Vanilla, 6-Inch Round- Other Flavour (please indicate), 6-Inch Round- Vanilla, 8-Inch Round- Other Flavour (please indicate), 8-Inch Round- Vanilla